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Nymphenburg figurine 287 "Chinese Boy with a Sheet of Music"

Nymphenburg figurine 287 "Chinese Boy with a Sheet of Music"

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SCULPTOR: Franz Antonio Bustelli (1723-1763) in 1757

NAME: Chinese Boy with a Sheet of Music

SERIES: Chinoiserie


CONDITION: Two fingers were restored. NO BOX.

HEIGHT: 5 inch / 13 cm

WIDTH: 3 inch / 7 cm

DEEP: 2 inch / 5 cm

CATEGORY: porcelain ceramic statue figure figurine sculpture antique vintage

SKU#: 113672


This figure of a Chinese boy is one of a group of seventeen themed figures designed as table decoration by the great modeller at the Nymphenburg factory, Franz Anton Bustelli. The group includes a priest and various children and adult attendants, some playing musical instruments or singing, others bowing down in worship and all positioned around the central small figure of a idol or 'pagod' seated on a tall pedestal.

Bustelli's figure illustrates the continuing fascination for the exotic in fashionable society. Oriental figures had been modelled by Kandler at the influential Meissen porcelain factory from about 1740 onwards. However, an interesting fresco in the Chinese pavilion (Pagodenburg) in the grounds of Nymphenburg castle, executed in by Johann Anton Gumpp in 1719, may have inspired Bustelli to use this particular format for his integrated group. It shows an idol figure seated on a towering pedestal surrounded by a group of worshippers.

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